Science Experiment Bobbing for Raisins

We carried out an experiment to note the changes that occurred to raisins when they were placed in a glass of Lemonade. We observed the raisins rising and sinking again. What we know: The bobbing up and down works because the bubbles of carbon dioxide gas in the drink are much less dense than the drink or the raisins.Once the raisins start bobbing up and down, they will continue to rise and fall for about an hour.-Raisins are more dense than the carbonated drink, so they will sink.
-Gas bubbles attach to the wrinkles on the raisins.
-When the raisins are covered with the bubbles they become less dense than the drink, so they start to rise.
-The gas bubbles start bursting and then the raisins become more dense than the drink, so they sink again.

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