Room 12 Where I'm From Poems

In Room 12 we studied a poem by George Ella Lyon.  Then we wrote our own poems to describe where we are from. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Christian's Poem... 

I  am from climbing colossal oak trees
to taking out the smelly garbage bins.
I am from a 30 minute walk to school
while my parents are still asleep in bed.

I am from a plain white surrounding inside
To the concrete walls outside, as orange as the sunset.
I am from honey puffs and rice bubbles,
toast after school with nothing but butter
and meat, veggies or mince for the late dinners.

I am from a very sporty family
especially at rugby league.
I am from stuff from Home Brand or Sanitarium:
drinks, breakfast cereals and much more.
Birthdays at the movies
to sleepovers at friends.

I am from nights at church, playing, listening to the word and singing.
I am from picking up under the old rusty deck
to playing wrestling on the trampoline. 
My dad going fishing at night and coming back
with 2 weeks worth of fish.

I am from “Suck it up’’ and “Use your initiative’’
as we get hurt or be naughty.
Last of all, I’m from the folders from kindergarten
containing all the memories and dreams I've had
as my family tree gets bigger and bigger



Jade's Poem... 

I am from Red door perfume
From Napisan and Cadbury
I am from the bark in the garden
The grass on the lawn
(Comfy, cosy)
I am from the feijoa trees
The hedges
The plants that withered in the heat. 

I am from chocolate cakes and fluffy slippers
From Marise and Colin
Mccudden and Lindsay
Be good! Have fun! 
I am from New Zealand
I am from chewing gum, roast dinners and L&P
I am from the time I fell off my bike.

 I am from boxes of pictures
Birthday cards and letters
Memories to be kept alive
On my family tree. 

By Jade


William's Poem... 

I come from the washing clothes that
tumble and toss like a sand dune,
from soft wooly jumpers
To gnarly shorts.
Where I come from the floor is a bare wooden floor
and there are cream painted walls.
Where I come from the grass is green
and golden at sunset.

Where I come from life is scarce
and dared not touched around the deadly thistles.
Where I come from chocolate and sweets are number one.
Where I come
from we are told that ‘One mans junk is another man treasure’ and ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.
Where I come from as time passes by there is sometimes  a
faint noise of fiery dragons and clashing of swords as my brother rivals for freedom. 

Where I come from the Christian church is visited
every Sunday where we sing and
Where I come from the splashing and yelling of me almost drowning
haunts me   in my memories.
Where I come from the branches of the family tree keep on growing


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