Student Councillors

  Student Council Role Statement At the start of each year, year 6 students are nominated to form a Chaucer Leadership team. These students are voted in by their peers and form the students council. Aims of the programme:

To provide students with a wide range of activities beyond the classroom
To foster student responsibility
To build and develop relationships with both the Junior and Senior School as well as agencies in the wider community
To encourage student participation in decision making
To allow students to deal with and have ownership of 'here and now' matters
To develop students interpersonal skills as they work in teams to achieve definite outcomes.
 The following is a role statement for students on the Student Council for 2012. It was decided by students at their first meeting. The students decided on the following in no particular order... We decided that as a Student Council we would need to… · Act responsibly at all times· Be positive role models to others· Plan and organise activities and fundraising events· Listen to students and help solve problems· Display initiative in a wide variety of situations· Make our school a safe place for all students· Be Respectful, Responsible student leaders and keep others Safe 


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