Travelwise Week

In Week 4 of Term 4 (3rd November to 7th November 2014), Chaucer School had our Travelwise Week.

The purpose of this was to encourage children to walk to school. For children that lived too far to walk, they were encouraged to ask their families to park at a distance from school and walk the remainder of the way.

It was neat to see the enthusiasm of walking not only spreading amongst our children but also amongst some of our staff, who organised to park at school and walk a loop around the surrounds of the school just so they could earn a leaf for the Travelwise Tree! We will be announcing 1st, 2nd and 3rd frequent walkers at our School Assembly next Friday.

Special thanks to the Travelwise leaders and senior helpers for dedicating part of their school day in helping keep a tally of the walkers at our school and helping stick up the leaves each day on the Travelwise Tree. 

Below are the snaps of how the Travelwise Tree grew for us over the 5 days we've had it at our school.



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