At Chaucer School we offer a range of workshops to help you partner with us and support your child’s learning in different areas.

Reading Together is a programme designed to help parents and whanau read with their children at home. It consists of four workshops, held at school. By teaching parents useful strategies that can improve their children’s reading while removing stress , Reading Together aims to make reading a more successful and pleasant experience – something to be shared and enjoyed together. The benefits for both children and adults are huge! This programme has been running very successfully for many years at Chaucer and other schools across New Zealand.

‘Write With Me’ is a series of programmes designed especially for our Chaucer community. Like Reading Together, it consists of four workshops held at school. The aim is to help families understand the process children go through as they learn to write and to give them practical and fun ways in which to help them with their writing at home.

Our Maths workshops focus on different aspects of the Mathematics Curriculum. Taking place over three sessions, attendees learn how to help at home with basic mathematical facts and knowledge and the acquisition of mathematical strategies. Teachers from across the school support these workshops, so if you are interested in a particular level (junior/middle/senior) we can cater for your needs.

‘Talk With Me’ is a ‘mini-workshop’ designed by our Chaucer teachers in collaboration with oral language expert Dr. Jannie Van Hees. Consisting of two half-hour sessions, it focuses on the importance of oral language and the best ways to develop your child’s oral language skills and vocabulary in everyday conversation.

Many of our familes have attended our workshops in the past and found them very helpful. We would love to have more people attend! We aim to provide each workshop series at least once a year. If you are interested in one or more of these workshops, please pop in to school and speak to Miss Molloy, Mrs. Hayward or Mr. Patel (Maths) about when the workshops of your choice will next be available.

We hope to see you there soon!


Mutukaroa is the name of our school and community learning partnership.  Mutukaroa is about working with parents and whanau to understand how their children are progressing in their learning over the first three years at school.  It is also about supporting parents with making learning fun at home. Mutukaroa allows you as a parent to know exactly how your child is doing at every stage of their learning.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact our Mutukaroa school co-ordinator Mrs Lee at

Here are some resources to practice Numeracy with your child/children at home. Please look through the activites that apply to your child/children’s Maths Stage.