As one of our strategic goals, student-led learning is all about empowering our children to prepare and equip them for the 21st Century.

We started Student Led Learning (flipped learning) in 2016 to give a voice to our students.

For Example in the Kauri team (Year 5 & 6) students view their planner of their daily tasks first thing in the morning. This teaches our students to have the responsibility for completing all their work.

Teachers monitor all students’ work tasks.

Small workshops are held in-class for students who require additional support with their tasks.

To encourage students to work collaboratively, students work in pairs and rotate buddies weekly.

Students also pay tribute to what they are grateful for and record this each day. This helps to create a positive mindset.

Our motto in the Kauri team is HE WAKA EKE NOA
(We are all in this together with no exception).

We attempt to live and breathe this motto along with our school values. In this way, students learn to care, help and support each other to succeed. It becomes everyone’s responsibility to ensure we are all part of the same team, while encouraging students to strive for excellence. Learning becomes more self-directed, but includes support from those around them.